One Denim aspires to be the leading manufacturer of high quality Denim in Bangladesh. Our growth remains sustainable throughout the last decade and we have been concentrating on ensuring few steps for achieving environmental and economic sustainability.


Our facility includes an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with a capacity of 40 m3/h. The plant was installed in 2010.


Research and Development is a vital part of textile industry. Our R&D facility helps ensuring maximum productivity with the best quality attainment. By sampling any swatch or sample fabric, the team compares with the previous samples and provides advices to the production department regarding the new production units. If no comparison is found, the R&D team indulges in developing new products as per customer requirements.


A multipurpose workshop at the premises ensures that we can deal with many of our mechanical urgencies which we would have to depend on third party services otherwise.

A green workspace

The 8.5 acre One Denim Mills is located within a 23 acre green Industrial Park. There is a pond, few gardens and plenty of green spaces within the entire industrial park.

24/7 working shifts

The mill runs 24/7 with 3 changing shifts. There is an in-house office handling day-to-day tasks.