Direct Warping

The warp yarn is fed to the weaving machines. The cones are put into the creel and yarns are pulled together in sheet form. They are wound on warping beams. We use 1 set of machine from German brand Sucker Muller Hacoba and 1 set of machine from Indian Prism Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd. for this step. The production capacities from these machines are 1000000 and 800000 yard/year respectively.

Slasher Dyeing & Sizing

In the slasher dying process the warp yarns are pre-treated and dyed in the form of a yarn sheet. The warp yarns are colored based on customer requirements. We use a German built Indigo Dyeing machine from Sucker Muller. The production capacity is 1,000,000 yard/year. For the purpose of sizing we chemically bind the fibres and coat the surface of yarn/fibres. We draw yarns together from many warp beams to multiply the sheets or form single sheet.


As per customer requirements we produce fabric of different designs. The warp thread in sheet form and weft thread are used to interlace together and make fabric. WE use 70 units of Belgium brand Picanol, 40 units of Italian brand Somet Super Excel, 2 units of Italian Leonardo Silver and 6 units of Italian Vamatex Silver. The cumulative production capacity is 1287400 yard/year. All provide Rapier Loom operations.

Mercerizing & Stentering

The process shall be introduced in our factory soon. Fabric absorbency, strength and lustier shall be increased through mercerizing process. Through stentering the fabric will be stretched for doing mechanical finishing.


The fabric appearance, compactness, luster and softness is improved. Quality control exercise is formed when necessary. We use 1 unit of finishing machine by German brand Monforts with an annual capacity of 1million yards.


The fabric is inspected and rolls of fabric are created. The inspection machines check for possible weaving defects, uneven dyeing, bleaching or dyeing defects, oil stains, patches etc. Our lineup includes 3 units of Inspection machines from Turkish brand Ekermak with an annual capacity of 1 million yards and 1 set of machine from Indian brand Prism Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd. with an annual capacity of 300,000 yards.


After passing inspection, the sets and rolls are wrapped with polythene covers and packed as per buyers’ requirements. We use 1 unit of such machine from Turkish brand Ekermak


The dispatch and delivery is done as per buyers’ needs after passing through the final inspection and packaging process.