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Denim is a cotton fabric which is rugged, sturdy and woven with twill weave. Even though being cotton, the fabric is very different from other cotton products due to the nature of weaving and finishing technique used.

At One Denim we produce many kinds of Denim fabric.

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Fabric Design


Twill is one of the three fundamental types of textile weaves which consists of a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. We produce following types of Twill.

2/1, 3/1, 4/1, (RHT/LHT) etc.


Chambray is a plain-weave fabric. Our design includes 1/1 (Plain)


Dobby is a woven fabric which is developed on a specialized dobby loom. 6 — 12 Frame design.

Fabric Design

Slub (Oe, Ring)
Hatch Cross

We also produce Cotton Stretch, Poly Stretch, Poly Slub, Poly Cotton Slub (Stretch)